Ah,Willa! & Friends (Vriende)

Episode 1 - New Year, New Hope for This and That, Plus a Sparkle. for Ah,Willa! © copyright

This and That, Plus a Sparkle is a podcast
Ah,Willa! and Friends
to the glorification of Abba Father alone:

Episode 1:
(our debut episode)
New Year, New Hope!

1st January 2024

You will find the soundtrack, as well as video and .PDF
below, just move down a little bit. You will also be able to give feedback in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

You can scroll down to commentand then just listen and read here below or on

  Spotify      Pixalbay .PDF for Ah,Willa! © copyright

There is no video available for Episode 1, just from Episode 2 forward – thank you for your understanding. 

While you listen, read along:

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